a six week, activating journey to awaken your power, luminosity + magic

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you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event

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the timeline that exists where you are living out your highest and most soul shakingly activated existence.

where every single inch of the canvas of your life is dripping in your unique truth + raw expression.

where you create your art to create, not to imitate or to validate.

where love is the launch pad, the fertile ground from which you expand from.

and imagine you, in all of your quirks, full authenticity + magnificence.








believe in your brilliance.








I believe that as a Collective, if we were all able to tap into our own unique brilliance + our unique truths, that the frequency of this planet would shift.


I hold the vision that has every human on this planet thriving. Humans that are so tapped into what is inherent within them, and that find that when they are orbiting themselves around peace, around calm, joy, whatever it is that offers them a sense of expansion, that life becomes extraordinary.


Changing this outer world absolutely begins, circles and ends how we connect, dissect and tune into our inner world.


When we do this, really do this - tap into all that we are and all that we hold that is unique to us - all of the ways in which we are harboring stagnation, harboring stories and narratives that do not serve our highest timeline are illuminated, and we are given the choice: do I continue in this cycle with this belief, with this story that keeps me in the same place, or do I start tapping into that which I know is within me, expression, truth, liberation, whatever it is, recognising that all of the discomfort I am feeling right now is because I am denying this?


Can I allow myself to go there, to go into those dimensions within myself, shake up my inner status quo and say ‘enough’ and instead move in a different way?

I am so excited to welcome you into this world for six weeks journeying into all things cosmos, quantum and you.








owning our story









Hi Human.

I have been in the teaching space for the last six years + experiencing life for a good few decades.

I have worked with hundreds of humans on all things soul tapping, liberation + truth activation.

I have ran several incredible, soul aligned, transformational retreats around the world.

I am a forever student, a teacher, a coach, but beyond all of those, I am a human.

I continue to dive into yogic studies.

I continue to study books on mindset + behavioral change.

I am a Human Design reader and obsessed with learning about the science of energy.

I have lived breathed + expressed every single thing that has ever reverberated within my being, and spent a lot of time diving into division + separation because of this (and I can share with you, there IS a way through).

I have travelled to lots of incredible places, and lived in lots too.

I have also stayed in relationships, locations, careers that were never a true yes for me.

I have experienced inner world shattering losses in my life that have shook cracks in my path so wide that all I could do was surrender to the void + breathe them in.

I have released, time + time again, parts of myself that were anchored in anothers blueprint.

And I have tuned in, deeply, to that which is within me wanting so deeply to be birthed into existence.

And here I am.

And here we are.
















about you









I am calling into this space SOUL SEEKERS + TRUTH SPEAKERS:



those that are radically ready to pave a new way.

those that are in deep reverence of that which is within them (clue, those burning desires you have are not there by accident) and are ready to illuminate them.


those that are fed up of the old paradigm way of doing self development + are here to tap into more potency, alignment + sovereignty.



It is so hard to try to condense this container into a short brief, but here to summarise the journey theme - we are diving IN to HD, energy centres, energy science, quantum, the mechanics of magnetism + magic - when I say all of the things, I really mean it, I have never been more activated to share than I am right now.

Part One

(Week 1 + 2) 


Alignment + Quantum

Your inner world (Human Design)



Part Two

(Week 3 + 4) 

Launch Pad

Frequency Shape Shifting


Expression + Human Design


Part 3 (Week 5  + 6) 

Cosmic Courage

Cultivating Truth Courage

Your unique elixir

Expanding into the next realm of your world.

Throughout the 6 weeks you will receive:  

WEEKLY soul taps (aka NEW content) into the portal inclusive of videos, notes, journalling prompts and meditations.

WEEKLY LIVE group integration calls on the content and full live downloads with me (this will be recorded for those of you unable to make the live)

Personalised pre-recorded Human Design reading with me (and if you've already had one, no worries this will be the next layer of cosmic goodness) - this will be sent out within the first few weeks of the journey.

Private log in to the portal to complete the weekly bites.

Access to our private group community (this is community lead and completely optional - it's really way for those that wish to to connect on socials).

All of the love, support + guidance from me throughout. 

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Monday 5th April 2021

for six weeks

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I just want to give Emma a heartfelt thank you for the last six weeks. It has been quite a journey in such a small space of time. You gave the tools that granted access to knowledge that was there but quite hidden. I know for me, in conjunction with illness, my life has and will continue to change for the better. On a physical level I think I was on rock bottom but there was still a flame flickering away that refused to get extinguished and your course added fuel to that. Everything acquired over the last six week has no monetary value. So, thank you!!!

 - ANN

“When I started the 6-week Alchemy programme, I was scared with no confidence and had no idea why I was even doing the course.  I didn’t feel worthy and I was lost.

Working with Emma (and Callum) for 6 weeks will go down as some of the best weeks of my life!  It has changed me.  

Starting the course I was shy, fearful and hiding away and yet here I am 6 weeks later standing tall, proud to be the person I am and finally having the confidence that I thought was lost forever. 

I have gained clarity on who I am as a person, helping me to understand my own personality traits.  

Remembering who I am (who I REALLY am) has been a reward that I can’t put a price on.  

I am ready to start living my truth.”


"I feel like I’ve opened up and connected with self more than I ever felt possible. It's been an unraveling I feel like I understand some the ways and reasons I do things more than I ever have before.

These 6 weeks felt like 6 months worth of value, they've been amazing."


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Early Risers Offering:


Normal Investment (after March 15th)


I would love to share this with you wonderful! At checkout, you can opt to invest in full or pay a deposit to reserve your space and split the rest into two payments.

Please send any enquires to hello@emmabarfield.com and I will be in touch as soon as I can.

Love Emma xoxo



Can I do this even if I have journeyed through other programmes with you, even Alchemy of You?

absolutely yes, this programme is me channeling and downloading in part, the deepest parts of my own soul and understandings from my own journey, studies and experience with working with hundreds of other souls - as I grow and evolve, as this, and in particular, this time around it is an entirely structure and contains upgraded in every level content.

How much work is expected of me week to week?

you are fully responsible for your absorption of this programme, week by week the integration calls will be themed around the weeks content and so diving in and carving out time for the work will ensure that you receive the most out of the sessions. the modules will be anywhere up to an hour or two every single week (split up into bite sized chunks), and the integration calls 90 minutes.

Is it lifetime access to the content?

all of the downloadable work sheets are of course yours to keep, but the nature of this container is best served to you within a time frame so that you can ignite enough of a spark to stay committed to your evolution and learning throughout, therefore the content will be live for a total of 8 weeks (6 week group journeying time with me and then two weeks after we finish).