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But over time we forget. 

Our minds become clouded, our bodies, disconnected.

We forget our true nature.

We forget who we are.

It’s time to remember.

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What if you could call in more ease, flow and abundance in to your life?

What if you have been forcing yourself to fit somebody elses mould and follow in their energetic blueprint, absolutely missing out on the true potency that is YOU, all this time?

We tend to over complicate our lives and what we expect fufillment, happiness and contentment to look like.


I truly believe that all of our practises are ever trying to do is to guide us deeply within to our core make up, strip back and release the layers of conditioning and limiting stories that we have held as our experience, and remind us what we are all apart of.

I would love to guide you whilst we journey into all things YOU, connecting with the science of energy, illuminate any areas of density and shadow that you might be residing in, whilst at the same time nurturing all of those things about you that absolutely make you who you uniquely are.

You're here with the exact imprint to fulfil your souls mission in this lifetime.

It's time to unlock it.

It's time to expand into it.


And it's time to rise.     

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Part One

(Week 1 + 2) 


Awakening to your Alchemy

Connecting to your Higher Self + Higher Vision

 Remembering who you are + why you are here


Part Two

(Week 3 + 4) 


Illuminating the blocks that bind you

Releasing the conditions and beliefs that keep you from accessing your power

Igniting a deep connection with your body + and learning its significance in your Vision

Using the power of self parenting, powerful sovereignty + inner authority to reclaim your power

Connecting with radical love + compassion for your body, your soul, your gifts


Part 3 (Week 5  + 6) 


Stepping forward with courage + clarity

Honing your unique super power + illuminating the next steps

Learning the art of fully activated living

Welcoming + allowing high vibration, abundance, pleasure + flow in to your life

This programme is incredibly intimate with only small groups of between 8 - 12 souls admitted each time.


This is purposely designed to work closely with those of you being called to BE (not simply do) this work and for the investment includes bi-weekly 1:1 tailored sessions to be mapping your vision, diving deep into your binds, exploring your soul workings and unique blueprint with Human Design and absolutely supporting with anything unique to you that arises as we work.

Throughout the 6 weeks you will receive:  

Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with me, delivered via Zoom (3 in total) with each session woven with the part of the journey we are on - Session 1, REMEMBERING YOU, Session 2, STEPPING INTO THE LIGHT, and Session 3, IGNITING THE VISION. Each session will be between 60 - 90 minutes long.

One of these calls is a Soul Activation call journeying into your Human Design

A weekly guided workbook session (so no printing necessary!) where I will be walking you through the work as you complete it.

1  x Online Zoom offering per week (these will be set over a mix of days) - these will be a mixture to support the work each week of either yoga + meditation, or a group coaching webinar 

2 x group coaching deep dives scheduled with Master coach Callum Hardingham guiding us through Vision + Values and also into The Inner Child 

Access to our private group community

All of the love, support + guidance from me throughout the journey  

Monday 11th January 2021

for six weeks

I just want to give Emma a heartfelt thank you for the last six weeks. It has been quite a journey in such a small space of time. You gave the tools that granted access to knowledge that was there but quite hidden. I know for me, in conjunction with illness, my life has and will continue to change for the better. On a physical level I think I was on rock bottom but there was still a flame flickering away that refused to get extinguished and your course added fuel to that. Everything acquired over the last six week has no monetary value. So, thank you!!!

 - ANN

“When I started the 6-week Alchemy programme, I was scared with no confidence and had no idea why I was even doing the course.  I didn’t feel worthy and I was lost.

Working with Emma (and Callum) for 6 weeks will go down as some of the best weeks of my life!  It has changed me.  

Starting the course I was shy, fearful and hiding away and yet here I am 6 weeks later standing tall, proud to be the person I am and finally having the confidence that I thought was lost forever. 

I have gained clarity on who I am as a person, helping me to understand my own personality traits.  

Remembering who I am (who I REALLY am) has been a reward that I can’t put a price on.  

I am ready to start living my truth.”


"I feel like I’ve opened up and connected with self more than I ever felt possible. It's been an unraveling I feel like I understand some the ways and reasons I do things more than I ever have before.

These 6 weeks felt like 6 months worth of value, they've been amazing."



Early Bird Offering:


Normal Investment (after November 15th)


You can reserve your space with £100 deposit, the rest can be paid in instalments up until the start date.

 please email me at hello@emmabarfield.com to reserve your space.

I would love to share this with you wonderful!

Love Emma xoxo

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“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” 
― Barbara Marciniak

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