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Welcome to our monthly membership, a virtual space for you to be guided and held, to journey through your inner landscapes and awaken to everything that you are in your glorious, unique, self.

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The Collective is a virtual membership space for you to connect and carve out time for yourself, to powerfully evolve your inner and outer confidence through the power of yoga, meditation and a whole lot of magic.

This is a space for your to grow your yoga practice, your power, your sovereignty and your soul.

I have been practising yoga for around twelve years and teaching for the last five. This practise, alongside my relentless curiosity on all things soul ascension, has lead me to unravel and unwind layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs and aspects of my shadow, ultimately allowing me to step into step into my dreams with courage and clarity.

Who we are has a ripple out into the world around us. There has never been a more crucial time for any of us to be tapping in to our personal reservoir of wisdom, truth and courage and really recognising how we are showing up in the world.

Are you ready to fully step in and own your magic? 

The Collective has been birthed after these last five years of holding space around the world in classes, events, retreats, and over the last three years, virtual space too in the form of powerful programmes, coaching, and practise space. 

I cannot wait to welcome you here. Keep reading to learn more.

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Weekly yoga practises, lead live every Wednesday evening and recorded and stored for the month for you to practise at your own pace if you would rather.

Meditations, rituals, or ceremonies to support the monthly theme

A sharing circle to connect with one another

Exclusive offerings for community members to use on Maia Moon Collective

It’s not just movement in here

Each month we will also be working with deep guided meditations, lots of yin yoga magic + workshops to support the theme of the month, all guiding you to activate your magic.


This membership is open for all that are:

△ Ready to activate and own their magic

△ Curious about their inner rhythms and finding their flow 

△ Looking to connect with a likeminded group of humans looking to grow, evolve and support one another

△ Looking for a safe space online to be guided in practise

△ With body, with mind, with breath - yep, that’s you.


All sessions will be delivered live via Zoom and month by month will be recorded and stored for 28 days after each live so there will be plenty of time to catch up if you cannot make the times or dates on the schedule.

Our community takes place within in a private Facebook and of course this optional - all of the details for the classes will be sent straight to your inbox so you won’t be missing out if you would rather not be in there.

All of this is for the same price as two yoga classes, for the full month it is just £22.

Ready to join us?


I find Emma’s offerings to be truly heartfelt and sensitive to the core. The yin practise is truly beautiful and I think worth the joining fee alone, but it’s nice that there’s more to the community than simply yoga. I feel it’s nourishing me in a gentle way through these strange times we find ourselves in. I’ve come across many different zoom offerings/online communities but I think Emma’s stands out and I would highly recommend. Also it’s so nice to be able to catch up with recordings later that scheduled as it feels nice to be part of something at the same time as not have to miss out when life gets in the way.

What you’ve created is the most gentle space for me to drop in and out of and in that inspired my practise on so many levels - absolutely love this space! Thank you!

Honestly, so much is shifting for me on a soul level and it’s all down to these amazing classes, your support and this collective, I cannot thank you enough.