I'm Emma

Teacher, Mentor, Conscious Creatrix + forever evolving student of this beautiful life.

Let's activate your magic.

You are so welcome here, magic soul.

This is my virtual home for sharing all things soul expansion, healing + magic and I would love to see what we could create together.

a guided 6 week mentorship journey

a highly activating journey awakening you to your unique power, gifts + magic

£22 per month

weekly classes, monthly workshop + theme


I am so proud of our ever growing retreat company Alchemy Retreats, where we deliver deeply transformational, healing retreats in the UK + Europe.

"The best weekend of my life. The magic was absolutely something else."

Join us for weekly deep dives with incredible healers, spiritual teachers + guides. This channel is for the seekers, the spiritual growth junkies + all of those expanding in their light, activating their gifts, and here to RISE.



"I feel like I’ve opened up and connected with self more than I ever felt possible. It's been an unraveling I feel like I understand some the ways and reasons I do things more than I ever have before.

These 6 weeks felt like 6 months worth of value, they've been amazing."


“When I started the 6-week Alchemy programme, I was scared with no confidence and had no idea why I was even doing the course.  I didn’t feel worthy and I was lost.

Working with Emma (and Callum) for 6 weeks will go down as some of the best weeks of my life!  It has changed me.  

Starting the course I was shy, fearful and hiding away and yet here I am 6 weeks later standing tall, proud to be the person I am and finally having the confidence that I thought was lost forever. 

I have gained clarity on who I am as a person, helping me to understand my own personality traits.  

Remembering who I am (who I REALLY am) has been a reward that I can’t put a price on.  

I am ready to start living my truth.”


"I love working you, Emma, so much. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the work that you have put in for each of these programmes. I just love being a part of it. I feel like since working together so much has changed within my mindset and outlook, and what I am here to do. It really has been profound, and I want to really thank you for everything you do, your work truly touches people. If you are looking to work much deeper within yourself, then I could not recommend her enough".

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