I'm Emma

Teacher, Mentor, Conscious Creatrix + forever evolving student of this beautiful life.

Let's activate your magic.

Excited that you made it here.

The first thing to know about me and my own unique alchemy, is that I am here as my most activated, on purpose and aligned self, when I get to see other souls ILLUMINATE around me - by my own design I am here to teach you how YOU are here to express and show up to life.





"seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination".


I LOVE alchemising an understanding of energy, Human Design, the teachings of yoga, the power of behavioural + mindset change, and mastering sovereignty to give you the tools to step into your own mastery and most authentic self.

I have always taught, and still do, that there is no fast tracked way to growth, or any one way or method to 'get there'. In my immersion (and borderline Virgo / Manifestor, obsession!) into learning about my own processes and subtle workings, I am able to work from an incredibly intuitive place to be able to tap into your unique energy to help create the most empowered roadmap uniquely for YOU.

My intention with every single offering is simple: to guide you to illuminate your unique super powers and awaken to all that you came here to be in this life.

You, my love, are absolutely bloody magnetic, expansive, and deep down in there you know that are able to thrive (it's our most natural state before the world got to us and taught us how not to). 

So, once more, I invite you.

Let's activate your magic.

a guided 6 week mentorship journey

a highly activating journey awakening you to your unique power, gifts + magic

£22 per month

weekly classes, monthly workshop + theme


I am so proud of our ever growing retreat company Alchemy Retreats, where we deliver deeply transformational, healing retreats in the UK + Europe.

"The best weekend of my life. The magic was absolutely something else."

Private Coaching

Tailored one to one guided journeys with me as your soul support + guide.

Whether you are starting a new business venture, feeling stuck in your life, have doubts about your own raw power + what you're here to do, or maybe you feel really energised right now but are looking to have accountability to show up as your Highest Self as you take on the next up- level, let's talk.


I only take on a small number of private clients at a time and it's important that we are a match so if you're feeling activated at the thought of working with me, click through the link below so we can find out more about each other.

Image by Jonas Verstuyft

Join us for weekly deep dives with incredible healers, spiritual teachers + guides. This channel is for the seekers, the spiritual growth junkies + all of those expanding in their light, activating their gifts, and here to RISE.



"I feel like I’ve opened up and connected with self more than I ever felt possible. It's been an unraveling I feel like I understand some the ways and reasons I do things more than I ever have before.

These 6 weeks felt like 6 months worth of value, they've been amazing."


“When I started the 6-week Alchemy programme, I was scared with no confidence and had no idea why I was even doing the course.  I didn’t feel worthy and I was lost.

Working with Emma (and Callum) for 6 weeks will go down as some of the best weeks of my life!  It has changed me.  

Starting the course I was shy, fearful and hiding away and yet here I am 6 weeks later standing tall, proud to be the person I am and finally having the confidence that I thought was lost forever. 

I have gained clarity on who I am as a person, helping me to understand my own personality traits.  

Remembering who I am (who I REALLY am) has been a reward that I can’t put a price on.  

I am ready to start living my truth.”


"I love working you, Emma, so much. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the work that you have put in for each of these programmes. I just love being a part of it. I feel like since working together so much has changed within my mindset and outlook, and what I am here to do. It really has been profound, and I want to really thank you for everything you do, your work truly touches people. If you are looking to work much deeper within yourself, then I could not recommend her enough".

Stay in touch

I consider your time, inbox and energy sacred and will only ever email you when I have soul fuelled offerings for you.

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I consider your time, inbox and energy sacred and will only ever email you when I have soul fuelled offerings for you.

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” 
― Barbara Marciniak

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